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A spell is used by a dark wizard or witch. It is an action that is used primarily to destroy, block, divide, sick or kill a person in an occult way.

The symptoms of a spell are sufficiently explicit to be able to detect them, or even to identify the type of nuisance of which a person is a victim. This independently of the more precise identification methods with excellent security in the establishment of a diagnosis.

There are different symptoms that cause a bewitching and they are very variable. It depends on the purpose and the type of it.

It is also necessary to know that each one reacts differently on the spiritual level than on the physical level in the face of a spell. Nevertheless, there are some telltale signs, for example:

Diseases without medical explanation (different opinions).
Exaggerated repetitive blockages (this can affect work, relationships, studies, administrative papers, projects ...).
Changes during certain periods of the lunation (like amplification of events or problems nearing the full Moon).
If you find at least 4 (or more) symptoms belonging to this section, then there is strong reason to suspect a spell.

In this case, it is advisable to consult a specialist in desenvmentment as soon as possible. Especially if no medical reason comes to interfere.

Objects that move in a room or throughout the house for no reason. Generally this is accompanied by unexplained noises.
Chronic involuntary muscle contractions, general malaise, impression of displacement in the body.
Some pains in acupuncture meridians, especially the meridian of the liver.
Sensation of discomfort in places of prayer and spirituality.
Dysfunction at the level of energetic spiritual points (the chakras). This is manifested by the reversal of the direction of rotation of certain centers. With a competent person and with dowsing technique, one can have an indication of the type of bewitchment of which the person is victim.
Sensation of punctures at the level of the different chakras as at the level of the solar plexus or at the level of the heart. This can sometimes be accompanied by burning sensations.
Impression of weight on the chest or gravity on the shoulders. Some times: choking (not to be confused with menopausal symptoms).
Heart palpitations, especially during the full moon, or at least between the first quarter and the full moon (but the cause may be simply tachycardia or anxiety).
Migraine headache during certain periods, usually in the evening, or by brief bouts during the night (the cause can also be of physical origin, check the liver).
Painful cramps in the solar plexus or cardiac plexus. One of the major symptoms of the detection of occult actions.
Anxiety for no reason, not to be confused with the anxieties due to emotional stress, mourning, divorce, loss of situation, annoyance, accident etc.
Feeling of exhaustion without cause, loss of energy, apathy, fatigue when getting up (this syndrome is also manifested in the nervous depressions).
Difficult and repeated nightmares, symbolic dreams in relation to death or sexuality, with paroxysmal situations during full periods, Moon ....
Wake up in the middle of the night with a sensation of presence in the room (a typical symptom of a spellbinding situation). Also impression of being spied constantly in various situations.
Unreasonable fear, in a known place when one is alone, especially when entering a room that one knows unoccupied.
Unconscious acts repeating during lunation periods (usually when approaching the full moon). This last observation is very valuable to identify the method used, or the purpose desired by the mesmerizer.
Suicidal impulses, or morose delectation, up to the preparation of suicidal acts.
Persistent sexual impotence or frigidity after medical consultation after a period of normal sexual life (also common in cases of depression).
Erotic dreams, touching sensation especially in the early stages of falling asleep, the victim can also feel that she is in a complete act with a person she knows without her presence (usually this type of phenomena is caused by mesmerizing in relation to pink magic or sexual magic).
A sudden disgust of one of the two partners can also affect both members of the couple at the same time. The emotional distance is unexplained for them, as if they were programmed.
Situations caused by the spell
These signs and situations allow us to suspect a spell. Indeed every witchcraft made by a mage has a purpose. If you

accumulate at least 3 of these signs then there is a good chance that you are a victim of this occult evil.

Series of inconveniences, problems or dramas, affective or professional disasters which are linked with regularity (with a paroxysm at lunations).
Loss of relationships, family, partners, friends. And also gradual loss of customers, money and good.
High frequency of car accidents, this comes to a point that even the well-parked car is subject to unexplained crash.
Unexplained machine breakdowns, car, machine, appliances and lamps etc ...
Recurrence of bad choices in even minor decisions (professional decisions, purchase of objects or clothes).
Great difficulty to meet a friend, a partner or to link friendly relations, whereas before the problem did not arise.
Diseases or the loss of pets such as cats and dogs. In some cases, the domestic animal leaves the home of its master.
Problem in light bulbs that are often destroyed while the electrical installation is consistent and quality.
Fixed Ideas, Phobias, Concerns, Unexplained Anxiety ...
Deliberate choice of unhealthy actions or one that one normally disapproves of, desires or fantasies unbecoming that one has difficulties to stop.
Repeated discomfort or vertigo.
Sexual or physical problems usually recur in relation to astronomical phenomena such as a full moon or an ascending astronomical sign.
Difficult relationships with unknown animals, the victim feel that animals or even children are afraid of him for no reason.
Invasion of insects in the house (spiders, cockroaches etc ...) for no apparent reason.
Pain or discomfort in sexual intercourse, apart from problems of pathological origin.
Frequent loss of everyday objects or small amounts of money.
Rise of unexplained anger.
Sudden rise of sexual desires in times of astrological phenomena.
Change of body temperature (cold or hot) for a very short time.
Feelings or morbid attraction for people who usually felt disgust or indifference.
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