28 juin 2020

Love Chain Voodoo Ritual / Voodoo Chain rituel candles, baths, spray fragrance

This voodoo ritual consist of candles, baths, spray fragrance and more to make thatChained between two loves and not to let go.This voodoo will come with instructions and directions onbuy. This will make the two people stick together andBring a lot of love between them two. CONTACT:TEL: (WHATSAPP): + 229 9019 8379Gmail: maitreazael@gmail.com
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04 juin 2020

Magic ritual to bring back the loved one

This ritual of ENCOURAGING AND RECOVERING YOUR LOVE consists in forcing a person (Man, woman) to love you without knowing that you have bewitched. The target may be on the other side of the world, our minds will go and seek it and blow love to your heart on your behalf. There are very many love spells, white magic, red magic, black magic but voodoo is the most legendary and most adopted practice today. It is a ritual born from an animist religion that began in West Africa. This means that the gods, the spirits and the different... [Lire la suite]
04 juin 2020

The Magic padlock for romantic situations

The love padlock is a practice of doing magic to chain one person’s heart to another’s. With the love padlock, you can bring your ex back without disturbing you or bring a girl you love to you and make her crazy in love with you (can also be used by women who want to make their partner in love and faithful) . The use of this padlock is to open the padlock, write the name of the loved person on a piece of paper and put the piece of paper in the hole of the padlock and blocked by pronouncing the incantation for the magic rtuel this... [Lire la suite]
25 janvier 2020

Ancient Voodoo Spells By Azael Love Spells

I Am AZAEL Powerful Voodoo Priest And Spell Caster I Have a God Given Gift To Foresee a Problem And To Fix It I Am Here To Help You In Your Time Of  Need Weather It Be A Problem With Your Significant Other Or If You've Recently Gone Through a Financial Downfall  There Is No Problem That I Can Not Solve. I Do This By Using Ancient Voodoo Spell Casting Techniques That Have Been Passed Down From My Ancestors For Many Centuries Using a Wide Range Of Love Dolls, Amulets, Talismans, Candles, Crystals And a... [Lire la suite]
25 janvier 2020


MEDIUM VOYANT MAÎTRE AZAEL has a very serious clairvoyance and can consult you free of charge. Specialized in the rituals of return of affection and enchantment of love you can contact him (WHATS'APP / CALL) +229 9019 8379
18 janvier 2020


I propose you very simple rituals to attract your soulmate you have suffered a lot in love or you always fall on people who do not know your value you must know that only your soulmate for you bring this love, this happiness that you seek so much so that your soulmate also needs you so that you can complete and form this indivisible whole that provides love, happiness, prosperity, health, good humor, wealth, and all that you dream of for to be an accomplished being. CONTACT:TEL: (WHATSAPP): + 229 9019 8379Gmail:... [Lire la suite]
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18 janvier 2020


This powerful ritual of white magic may help you stop immediately. With time, the negative waves come to ruin any romantic relationship. Do not stay without doing anything! Eliminate these bad energies to have a stable and happy relationship. This type obviously works when it comes to a DIVORCE process. This Ritual for You Make You LOVE for You Make You LOVE. ensures that everything goes well. My only but: be satisfied with my services. If your situation is very complicated, give me some time and it will be fine. CONTACT:TEL:... [Lire la suite]
18 janvier 2020

Return of affection and Love spell in Africa Azael Majesty

rediscover the love of your life, return of affection, strengthening of emotional and sexual return, of the astral union, Rapid return of the loved one, Reclaiming one's ex, Magic love, Ruptured love. We receive the possibilities to obtain a profitable return of affection. In case of a yes, rituals are done to bring the minds of the two partners to reconnect with the affection and the love between the two partners will be electric - No one else will succeed in keeping them away from one of the other - You will benefit from all the... [Lire la suite]
18 janvier 2020

Perle magique d'amour(Magic pearl of love)

Vous vous posez certainement la question, ce que s'est la perle magique d'amour et à quoi sert elle?C'est une perle qui détient de grand pouvoir mystique ancestrale pouvant vous aider à mettre de l'harmonie dans votre couple c'est à dire,cette perle permet à la femme de maîtriser son homme et surtout au lit.Il suffit juste de la porter quelques minutes avant de faire l'amour avec l'homme que vous désirez maîtriser.Vous aurez ce dernier à vos pieds et Il n'aimera que vous et ne pourra rester trop loin de vous.Cette perle magique... [Lire la suite]