18 décembre 2019



The Master Azael presents you These 10 powerful white candles which have been designed by Arab Magi since the dawn of time. These powerful white love candles have been hidden for centuries but today the secret of this mystical candle is revealed to you so that you can benefit from these benefits. These 10 white candles will make your love or your spouse return in 10 days. How do we perform this ritual?

Write the name of your love or your spouse on a piece of paper 10 times, after lighting the 10 candles together With a magic & mystical word which will be sent to you and which you must recite on the flame of the 10 candles. After 10 days, you will see your love at home and your couple will become as it was. Even if you love a man or a woman and you cannot declare it to her, write her name on a piece of paper then burn this paper in the flame of 01 candles and 10 days you will see that this person will come to see you to declare his love to you.

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