18 janvier 2020

Egyptian Stone Ring



This stone reminds us of a queen named Clopatra who has intelligence and calm when there is a problem and she is always able to overcome the problem. This stone also symbolizes as I mentioned earlier. if you use this stone, then you will have brilliant ideas and calm in thinking.


if you want to know the complete information about this item, or the use of the item you selected. You can contact via via WhatsApp. number on the web. I am a spiritual practitioner who deals with spirits, jinn, khodam, danyang, and fairies. I will give more insight to you about spirituality and develop kejawen spiritual arts in your country. items that are on the www.azaelO1.com website. all have special and positive energy for your good. khodam, jin, a strong spirit always accompanies the items I offer you. who has a strong relationship with the universe and the spirits of ancestors. I will include the name of the genie in your package and very easy instructions for the item. never compare magicians and spiritulists. all have different dedications.

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18 décembre 2019




This is a very powerful TALISMAN, when you keep TALISMAN Indians in your wallet you have a lot of money in your wallet and it will never be empty regardless of the expenses made, It will be full of bank notes from
NB: This TALISMAN is lots of power to attract money to its wearer.

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These roots are said to be very effective in treating sexual weakness in just 72 hours.
Sir or Young man, you notice that since a good moment you do not hold any more with your wife or your girlfriend in the bed because a few seconds or minutes in the sexual act you ejaculate what makes that you do not manage any more to satisfy your wife or your girlfriend. This is beautiful and indeed a reflex phenomenon, ejaculation accompanies orgasm in men. Deciding when it occurs is not always easy.

This phenomenon (sexual weakness) and early ejaculation creates a lot of problems in COUPLES.
But from now on you will have no more worries to worry about because from now on the solution is within your reach thanks to this condensate of purely natural plant whose discovery has been made since ancient times and which is very effective in specially combating this ailment . You will be a living witness after 72 hours after the treatment ...

NB: We add Wine, coconut water or rain water

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Magic Ring Of Love Is Magnetized To Attract A Person

 This high power magic ring is for men and women,
it allows you to attract a woman or a man who can love you unconditionally, with immense powers.

this ring also attracts money at any time and helps you never to run out of money, fight bad luck, open employment doors, attract customers, ring of luck

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I think my testimony will serve as a subject for meditation. Trusting is often better than spending your whole life doubting others and doing nothing. I had confidence and I ordered 02 Magnetized Wallets which give me full satisfaction thanks to the Power of Master Azael. When the others are crying for lack of money, I invest in several projects with the money that my two Portfolios provide me with every day. No risk of losing your money because it is "Satisfied or Refunded".

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Having your wallet stuffed with new bills every day despite all the expenses made is now possible thanks to the virtues of the magic wallet. If you are interested, follow the ritual on Confidential.

First of all, according to experts, the magic wallet ritual is not black magic, witchcraft or Satanism, but pure and simple reality. It is a magnetization system, a ritual long used by Indian, Israeli, Egyptian, Tibetan traders.

The ritual is performed on the 25th of the current month and on the 5th of next month. For this, bring a small table or a stool that you will call a magic altar on which you perform the ritual, a white candle burning 9 days (novena candle), a small wallet, a new bank note, a parchment, a special parchment pen, incense of the Magi and 9 charcoal tablets for ritual.

After setting up your magic altar, focus on your wish to multiply inexhaustible wealth and savings. Then take the white novena candle and direct it facing the moon after lighting it. Crackle your ritual charcoal and place 3 grains of magic incense from the three wise men there. On the magic altar, put your wallet and your new bank note and make your David pentacle. With the parchment sheet and the special pen, draw freehand your magic star at 6 TOP that you will put inside the wallet. With the wallet in your hands, recite three times aloud:

"Become my guide, be my high protector, attract money with money and deliver me from this fear of losing everything, make me a happy and benevolent being".

For 9 days, leave everything on your altar without forgetting to burn incense every day and to recite the vow 3 times a day. Over the past 9 days, your wallet will be charged with the magnetic powers you have given it. Do not touch the new bank note or the pentacle of David that you left in there, and always carry the wallet with you. You will see, with each financial transaction, your magic portfolio will fulfill your wealth wishes.

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Very powerful magic wallets


It is probably the most powerful and superior power to solve all the money problems for all the people of the world.

Our magic wallet rituals are very powerful and effective. After invoking the magic wallet, you will notice that there will be a lot of money in your wallet. And after withdrawing the money, after about 2 hours, the magic wallet will be filled with money.

All your wishes and financial problems will be solved by this powerful magic wallet. Whenever you want money or need a certain amount, just take the money out of the magic wallet and use it. We will send you the full invocation as well as the magic wallet. As soon as you start to invoke, and as soon as the invocation is finished, the magic wallet is activated and after which you can start using the wallet.

The magic wallet will not only provide you with money, but will also bring you prosperity and happiness. As money is essential to our daily life. If we have money, we can get everything we want in this world. And now, with the help of a magic wallet, you will get any amount of money and become rich and powerful.

Keep in mind that after the invocation, you will see the wallet, which will be filled with money. When you remove it, in a few hours, the wallet will be full again, so you can have the amount of money you need or want.

The real power that can summon and activate the magic wallet is the genius of the magic wallet.

We will send you the summon of the magic wallet genius, a magic wallet talisman and the wallet itself. As soon as the summoning is finished, the genie of the magic wallet will appear and activate your wallet, after which you can start using it.

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